Please note that final responsibility for any errors in completed work rests solely with the client.  Any errors will be rectified free of charge if notified within 24 hours of receipt of completed work or within 14 days for work of more than 3,000 words.

Manuscripts and Music is not responsible for the end use of any document produced or edited through its services. Clients are solely responsible for its appropriate use, including abiding by any copyright laws, plagiarism laws and publishing requirements.

Manuscripts and Music is not responsible for the content of any document supplied to it.

Clients should not pass off plagiarised material as their own original work. Manuscripts and Music will assume no responsibility for any plagiarised material supplied by a client and reserves the right to return the work should it become aware of such inappropriate use.

Manuscripts and Music retains the right to reject work from any client that it deems illegal, immoral or objectionable.


Terms and Conditions